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Wearable Technology to Maximize Athlete Performance

WIMU combines hardware and software to maximize player performance, to ensure that your best athletes are available more of the time. Get vitals, positioning data and more – with accuracy you can rely on. The WIMU advanced athlete monitoring ecosystem is here.

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Better Teams

Optimize athlete readiness and make the most of live tactical data.

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Smarter Data

Advanced insights on every player means faster development.

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Healthier Athletes

Manage and prevent injuries to keep your players fit.

Measure It, Manage It

WIMU devices generate up to 20K data points per second and 250+ variables—for every athlete.


Advanced Athlete Monitoring Ecosystem

The WIMU PRO system provides intelligent monitors to measure load performance, reduce injury risk and optimize competition readiness.


WIMU Smart Station


Wimu Advanced Athlete Monitoring System
Wimu versatile wearable in a jersey
Multisport and Multiplayer

The Most Versatile Wearable on the Market

Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, WIMU performs in any venue, in any conditions. 

Its versatility doesn’t end there — devices can be easily assigned to any player. Then WIMU gets to work. 


Driven by Science

WIMU redefines the way you analyze, manage and visualize human performance metrics with intelligent, intuitive software solutions.

  • Real-Time Data Visualization
  • Post-Session In-Depth Analysis
  • Cloud-Based Dashboards
Wimu API Seamless Integration
Wimu API

Seamless Integration

Leverage data feeds via a RESTful API system to integrate your systems with external digital platforms and services.

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