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Boost the accu­ra­cy of your algo­rithms with Wyscout Data.

Mit­i­gate the risk of cor­rupt­ed data and cap­ture a high­er lev­el of detail integrating the Wyscout dataset in your system: With the largest geo­graph­i­cal data cov­er­age in the market we allow you to take advantage of a wider set of leagues to train your algorithms.

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The Widest Set of Leagues

Reliable big data from all over the world.

Exten­sive geo­graph­i­cal data cov­er­age means a wider set of leagues to train pre­dic­tive algorithms.

  • 600+ competitions covered globally
  • 500K+ players profiles
  • Historical data up to 5 years in the past

The ultimate dataset for your researches

A huge amount of gameplay data analytics that can be analyzed with proprietary method­olo­gies to get meaningful insights, look for patterns, and categorization.

The perfect source for scientific researching, testing and writing papers on football.

“ Soccer analytics is attracting increasing interest in academia and industry, thanks to the availability of sensing technologies that provide high-fidelity data streams for every match.”

Nature Scientific Data, in collaboration with Wyscout

Pappalardo, L., Cintia, P., Rossi, A. et al. A public data set of spatio-temporal match events in soccer competitions. Sci Data 6, 236 (2019).

Read the paper at

Integrate our dataset with ease.

We deliver football data analytics feeds through a standard restful API system in JSON format, that seamlessly integrates with external digital platforms and services.

Feed your algorithms with multiple sources.

Big data can be collected from multiple sources, even from different providers: make more and more exper­i­ments with­out increas­ing the risk of ​over­fit­ting.

Wyscout APIs are OpenAPI 3.0 compliant.

Discover and understand the capabilities of the service without access to source code and documentation. Use the specification *.yml file downloadable from to interact with the Wyscout Data service with a minimal amount of implementation logic.

Download the YML file >

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