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Hudl is how the world sees sports.

We're changing the way teams around the world capture, organize, analyze and learn from film and data.

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What we do

Hudl helps teams reach their potential.

We're building the future of sports with the world's biggest library of video and data, to get the most out of every moment.

Cameras that don't miss a moment.

Our Focus cameras automatically capture all the action and allow live streaming. We make filming hands-free and hassle-free with automatic zoom and other tools.

Every play. Every game.

Within hours, Hudl organizes and distributes film with stats and analytics easily tracked for every player.

Analytics to give
teams the edge.

It's more than film — it's data. We can analyze and track everything that's captured to provide clear insights that teams can use to win.


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Who we are

Our team features more than 3,200 employees operating out of 17 countries.

With global engineering, analysis and support teams, we're creating the world's most powerful network of sports video and data.

Two Hudl employees coworking in the Lincoln office.

The best tech for teams,
built by the best team in tech.

How We Work

Our core values drive who we hire, how we work, and every decision we make.

It's how we build a team that works together to unlock the true impact of sports around the world.

Play to win.

If it's worth doing, it's worth being the best. We stay focused on our long-term goals, take big swings and aren't afraid to fail.

Win together.

We're people first, coworkers second. We take care of each other. We default to trust and always assume positive intent.

Thrive on the front lines.

We build empathy for customers and each other by rolling up our sleeves and jumping in to help.

We listen.

We're humble and curious. We seek out diverse perspectives and new approaches. We listen to truly understand, not just to reply.

Respectfully blunt.

Feedback can be hard, but it's how we grow. We're clear, constructive and don't leave things unsaid.

A Culture Built on Belonging

Sports are built on inclusivity. Everyone can play, and we're all part of a team. As leaders in the global sports industry we believe in an inclusive culture that promotes constant learning and improvement.

We believe in cultivating a safe, intersectional space where everyone feels supported and heard to create true innovation and diversity of perspectives. We're tracking our commitments and progress in our annual diversity reports, and our dedicated Employee Resource Groups (ERG's) give Hudl employees a space for community, cultural education, professional development and allyship.

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Hudl Blank ERG logo Hudl Black
Pride@Hudl ERG logo Pride@Hudl
Mental Health Champions ERG logo Mental Health Champions
Community Champions ERG logo Community Champions
Her Hudl ERG logo Her Hudl
Together@Hudl ERG logo Together@Hudl
What's Happening At Hudl

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